Hi, I was born and bred in West Calder, in Scotland.  I studied English and History at the University of Stirling where I enjoyed some of the best days of my life.  I then moved to Bradford in West Yorkshire to complete a PGCE in Primary education at Bradford College.

There my fate was sealed when I met my partner, Nilesh and we decided that to stay in Bradford was the best option for us as his family were from the Midlands and mine from Scotland.  So, I got a job teaching in inner city schools, where I had the great pleasure to work with  and meet many dedicated and talented staff, gorgeous children and lovely parents.

Now, 28 years, three children and two cats later I’m still here  enjoying the rich diversity of this wonderful city and celebrating its development as a cultural and creative Northern hotspot.

Severe depression has plagued me for many years and I have channelled my experience of living with it into my writing as well as my observations of life in inner city Bradford.  In 2015 I took the massive step of deciding to push forward with my writing despite my ill health.  With much encouragement and support from my tutors and fellow students I have nearly completed my MA in Creative writing at Leeds Trinity University.

In May 2016 I was offered a two book publishing deal from the fantastic publishers, Bloodhound books.  My first novel Unquiet Souls is due for release on 30th July 2016


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